Automated Blind Service in Singapore

The automated blinds are nothing new to the industry but what made this special is the technology incorporated on it, It has sensor (wind or rain) that can automatically close the blinds and let you do multi task.

Automated blinds makes your magical dream into reality.

Outdoor Blinds in Singapore

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When talking about durability and safety, SMART ZIP® proudly say that we can guarantee you. From the fabric and motor used, we make sure a 100% durable and safe service. 

📌  Screen and Patio furniture.

📌  Prevent fabric damage

📌  Assure perfect tension

📌  Child Safety Function

📌  Protect outdoor furniture

These features brought lot of good things to serve, more importantly is it has safety feature that bounce back the motor when an obstacle is detected.

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With Smart Zip we convert your small space to a useful one with our good service in Blinds, Curtains, Invisible Grille and Awning Outdoor Shades/Roofing. Reach us through 8518 2234 | 6904 0889 | for more information or visit are location in 31 Woodlands Close #03-06 Woodlands Horizon, Singapore 737855