Make your home a safe haven

Devices that could help you minimize time and maximize task. With our smart sensors: Rain sensor is a switching device activated by rainfall while wind sensor is a thermal anemometer based on a traditional technique for measuring wind speed.

An innovation for a better future, keeping our family a safer home of our dreams. Have access to Safe, Smart and Secure life. 

With Smart Sensor, Making lives easier than before.

Smart Sensor - Weather

Weather Sensor

Keeps balcony dry and clean even if it is raining and also it brings your blinds down automatically when strong wind comes. A convenient device to used for our home and the only logical answer to safety. Technology can be luxurious but we have to think or invest for our safety, grace your life with comfort. Convenience gets better with smart home.

Even when you are not at home! It automatically bring down the blinds when sensor detects.
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