Introducing Trellis Roofing!

A Modern Way to Create a Functional and Beautiful Outdoor Space on your Rooftop!

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels 1
Aluminum Composite Panels 2
Aluminum Composite Panels 3
Aluminum Composite Panels 4
Aluminum Composite Panels 5

Polycarbonate Board

Tempered Laminated Glass

Tempered Laminated Glass
Tempered Laminated Glass

Sun and Rain Protection

Trellis Roofing is an ideal solution for outdoor balconies or rooftops. Depending on the choice of materials, it can block harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays and strong daytime heat from the sun. It protects against heatstroke and prevents sunburn, while also providing shelter from the rain!

This WeatherProof Solution expands your outdoor living space, creating an indoor sanctuary that encourages community and social activity in your home. Our Trellis offers Stability, Durability, and WeatherResistance, making it the perfect addition to your roofless rooftop!

The structure is usually made with strong metal and attached to the roof or exterior walls of a property. There are several material options available, including Aluminum Composite Panels, Polycarbonate Board Roofing, and Tempered Laminated Glass. With our Trellis, you can enjoy your rooftop all year round, no matter the weather!


Besides that, our Trellis also allows you to transform your rooftop into your own personal space!

You can customize it to suit your needs and preferences, whether you want a space for relaxation, entertainment, or even a garden.

High-Quality Materials

Made with High-Quality Materials, our Trellis is designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, providing you with Long-Lasting Protection against the elements. 

And with its Sleek and Modern Design, it adds an extra touch of style to your rooftop, making it the envy of your friends and neighbor!

Trellis Roofing + Our SmartZip® Flagship = Perfect Up and Down!

Combining our Trellis Roofing with SmartZip® Flagship provides more shaded space, as well as increased enclosure and privacy for your balcony area!


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Trellis Roofing
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Cost Effective: Aluminum Composite Panels are a cost-effective choice that can fit within most budgets.

Durability: Aluminum Composite Panels are also known for their durability, rigidity, and lightweight design, which makes them easy to transport.

Protection: Aluminum Composite Panels are resistant to stains, unbreakable, and weather-resistant, providing protection against various threats to your property.

1. Practically Unbreakable: It is strong and not easy to damage or break because they are made of a very strong material. 
2. High Effect Protection: That is the reason we can bore gaps. 
3. Lightweight: Polycarbonate sheets are light and can don’t add superfluous weight to your trellis rooftop. 
4. Sturdy: It can withstand high and low temperatures without separating.
5. Durability: It does not stain or blur easily. It will withstand stains and blurs over time.