Smart Zip Blinds
Smart Zip Blinds
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Create more Spaces in your Home and Maximize
your Living Spaces with SMART ZIP® Today!

Increase usability in your home, let us upsize your home spaces, prevent wet balconies.

Beautify and simplify your home, let us improve your home balcony, better expand your outdoor kitchen awnings with Smart Zip Track System. It’s the only Zip Track Guided Blinds System that makes your home beautiful.

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Expand your home balcony, upsize your outdoor kitchen awnings with Smart Zip Track System.

Convert your outdoor balcony into an indoor sanctuary

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Smart Zip Track
It is the only Zip Track Guided Blinds System that makes your home beautiful.

Many happy Family have Created New Living Spaces in their Balcony with Smart Zip® Technology

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Smart Zip Track Blinds enhances your lifestyle for ambitious home owners, like you

SMART ZIP® makes your Life filled with more Excitement.
Weather protected play area for your children
Blinds Installation

You can now play with your child at your balcony. Spend time with your loved ones while enjoying the outdoor scenery from your home.

Experienced to have a cozy dining area
Reliable Smart Zip Track

Want to experience the luxurious life? Imagine dining by your home with your partner, having a candle light dinner with weather protected by your balcony.

Astonishing view from your roof-top
Reliable Ziptrak Services

We have interviewed a family that have installed Smart Zip Track Blinds with us and they converted their whole outdoor roof-top into a indoor living room!

Expand your living room for more entertainment

Do you need more room for entertainment. Continue the joy and fun with your family and friends through your balcony without distraction.

Why Choose SMART ZIP®

SMART ZIP® the only zip track system that is designed and manufactured in Singapore under the SMART ZIP® trademark

Smart Home Scene Control
Reliable Ziptrak Service
Smart Zip®
Design breakthrough
Zip Track Services
Smart Curtain
Control your curtain with one touch.
Ziptrak Installation
Smart Blinds
Vertical blind are made of few long slim fabrics.
Affordable Zip Track Services
Smart Home System
Be future ready
with IOT.

Smart Zip Track at Condo Balcony

Protect your home balcony from the wetness of the rain, heat and UV rays of the sun, and mosquitos. Enclosed your balcony and has air-con retaining capabilities.

Roof-Top with Smart Zip Track + Trellis Roofing

Special roof-top gym for exercising! Installed Patio Roof and Zip Track System.

Smart Zip Track + Invisible Grille + Trellis Roofing

Made the top-floor balcony more versatile to switch from outdoor to indoor spaces. With invisible grille to protect from child or pets from jumping out of the balcony. And a beautiful Trellis roof.

HDB Executive Maisonette Smart Zip Track

Design ideas for HDB Executive Maisonette that helps keeps your house in simplicity. To have a privacy zip track blinds at balcony, so no one from outside can see your living room, plus no ugly window frames. Helps contain aircon within, open when you needed fresh air!

Trellis Roofing at a Penthouse

Penthouse roof-top installed with Trellis Roofing with Aluminum Composite Panel.

Smart Zip Track at a Corridor

Smart Zip Track installed at Yusof Ishak Mosque at their corridors.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Many happy customers had made their balcony a convertible indoor and outdoor space for their homes with smart zip track blinds! 

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Smart Zip Track Service

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