What is Invisible Grille?

Most frequent question and answer for our invisible grille services
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Is it really safe? (as it looks thin and invisible)

YES! Made of 316 stainless steel marine grade. The wire core is 7×7=49 cores. so that it can hold weight/pressures of up to 700kg! 

Not only that, our wire coating comes with a user friendly EXPOXY coating that is use to promote USER FRIENDLY ( Prevent hand cutting) as well as keeping the marine grade stainless steel in good quality!

Functionality and Practicability.

It comes in various functionality depending on your requirements. Usually it is installed as a fixture in the balcony for the children’s or high rise safety. In windows/rooms, some clients will rather it be used as a openable casement for easy cleaning.


It comes with a 7 chord x 7 chord commission. Meaning it can gold a weight of UP to 700kg! 

Remember the old chinese saying. one chopstick is easy to break, but if you put 3 or more together?
Thats the quality of our invisible grille!

What and Why the Invisible Grille?

Invisible Grill has been in the market for the past 10 years, it is a simple and safe safety grille that is commonly installed in balconies, windows and opening that required safety for your children, family or even pets.