Introducing Higher View™

Take Your Balcony to New Heights!

Higher View™
Higher View™ in Our Xperience Center!

Best Choice for Windows in HDB Mansionate and Tall Balcony in Condo Penthouse!

New Heights

Are you tired of trying to enjoy your outdoor balcony, only to be thwarted by harsh weather conditions? Wind, rain, and sun can be relentless, leaving your outdoor space unusable and unprotected.

But Fear Not! Higher View™ is here to take your balcony experience to New Heights!

Sleek and Stylish Addition

Higher View™ is more than just a protective shield. It’s a Sleek and Stylish addition to your outdoor space!

Boasting a hidden joint system and being small lift access friendly, it seamlessly blends into your balcony’s design without taking up unnecessary space!

Impressive Features

The Features of Higher View™ are also Impressive!

With Somfy Heavy Duty Motors, Wind-Resistant Mechanisms, Sunlight UV Blockage, and Noise Reduction of Up to 30%, you can trust that Higher View™ will keep you comfortable and protected no matter what!

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Higher View™
Higher View™
Higher View™