SMART ZIP®️ the only zip track system that is designed and manufactured in Singapore under the SMART ZIP®️ trademark. We are the Premium Market Leader for ZipTrack heavy duty outdoor blinds. We provide various Smart digital Solutions such as Smart Entry, Smart Blinds, Smart Curtains, Smart Home System with branded Smart Motors and Smart Sensors.

Boasting a decade of expertise and knowledge in this industry, We are ALWAYS in pursue of excellence to offer the best quality product & services to our clients.

From developing our own zip track system, BlindXpert has a COMPLETE solution to your ziptrack requirements and smart home optimization.

Why BlindXpert’s Smart Zip®

1. Smart Zip® is the First and ONLY Zip Track System designed and manufactured in Singapore under the Smart Zip trademark.

2. Smart Zip®  is PRODUCED under tight quality control in our 6000sqft production factory/ showroom.
(show images of fabrication, hot stamping and also glass cutting machines)

3. We boast our UNIQUE propertiary zip system ONLY available to us.

  • Our ABS (Auto Balancing System) as well as our
  • DVBS (Dual Volume Bottom System)
  • every single panel smart zip is quality tested before its being assigned out for installation.
  • various type of rain/sun/wind sensor of choice so that even when you are away, your balcony/space is being kept dry and well.
  • and for customer care, Our in-house consultant/ technician have years of experience to ensure a smooth process right from our first meeting with you till the product delivery.
Over the years, we have partnered with International renowned automation experts for their expertise in blinds automation, ranging from France Somfy AOK to DOOYA automation.
Another Component of our Smart Zip® is that we use only Highest quality fabric. Be it Fiberglass or Polyester quality, we uses materials which are fire redundant, chemical, BACTIERA FREE AND UV PROOF!
More than that, Our Smart Zip® is also Energy Saving and helps you Cut down/OFF significantly the pollution, HEAT, rain and SUN FACTORS!


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