Our team has been busy setting up our booth for the R+T 2024 Exhibition (19-23 Feb) at Messe, Stuttgart!
Everything went smoothly, and we are grateful for this opportunity to explore more at this exhibition!
We would like to share some of our Live Photos about our booth and this exhibition!
Germany Exhibition
Our Booth 6A17 SmartZip® International
Germany Exhibition
Group Photo with Somfy Team
 Our 1st day in R+T 2024 Messe Exhibition! 🇸🇬🇸🇬

It’s an excellent start for us as the Sole Singapore Ziptrack Company in this highly competitive hall, filled with numerous renowned European brands!
We greatly appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to visit our booth!
It was truly wonderful to see all of you and we are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you again in the near future! 
Moving forward to our 2nd Day at R+T 2024 Exhibition at Messe, Stuttgart!
We are thrilled by the significant interest in our products! After explaining the details, many are amazed to discover that we offer a long zip blind Megaview® that up to 12-15 meters, unlike anything seen in Europe before!
Good to see you all! And we will keep moving forward to share all our different products to Europe market!
Germany Exhibition
Day 3 of R+T 2024 Exhibition at Messe, Stuttgart!
Our products are enthusiastically received by the global market! People are showing a lot of interest and excitement about our designs, which has led to a high influx of customers!🔥
Day 4 at the NON-STOP R+T 2024 Exhibition in Messe, Stuttgart is on fire!🔥🔥
We’re not just serving our customers, but also visiting numerous different vendors and companies to establish international connections.
We’re maintaining our momentum and eagerly looking forward to our expansion into the international market!
We are pleased to announce that our participation in the R+T 2024 Exhibition at Messe, Stuttgart was a resounding success!
Our gratitude extends to all who visited our booth; your support is greatly appreciated. Rest assured, we will remain in contact for potential future collaborations.
We were privileged to meet with representatives from various esteemed companies, including Nice Motor, Geiger, Renson and more!
Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our dedicated SmartZip® Team, whose months of preparation ensured the successful execution of this event.
As the 2024 R+T Exhibition at Messe, Stuttgart concludes, we look forward to see you all at 2027!